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WEAR: Stormi Styles Our Kimono

November 8, 2016

Stormi Henley is passionate about teaching special ed students, has a penchant for sewing and a “sneaky” talent for bowling. Born in Tennessee, Stormi now lives in LA where she’s pursuing her dream of scoring films. The musically talented beauty styled our kimono on location in sunny Sydney…

Your style is…
Simple, low maintenance, more about accessories and styling

Morning routine?
Never a solid routine but usually eating something sweet and terrible for you haha (poptarts, cake)

Current obsession? 
My boyfriend

Irrational fear of?
Windows, I hate windows

Signature dance move?
Usually some weird, pointing, moves with my hands while I’m driving, (only when I really feel the lyrics though lol)

Can’t live without?

Dream job? 
Scoring a sci-fi/post apocalyptic film

Fantasy dinner guests? 
All of The Office characters

Are you a night owl or morning person?
I stay up really late but I wake up happy always 🙂

If you had 10 seconds to change the world, what would you do? 
I’d make a worldwide announcement that everyone could hear asking everyone to take care of the earth and the environment a little bit better.

Tell us about a woman that inspires you? 
My Mom always has inspired me, she’s the most selfless, sweet hard working, funny, goofy person I know.

Best thing about B-ing YOU? 
My tiny, perfect little group of friends and the people I love 🙂

Stormi wears Cotton On Body Intimates 

Follow Stormi – @stormibree 


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