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WEAR: Anna Styles Our Gym Short

July 4, 2016
SoCal local Anna Herrin is the ultimate cool girl. As face of our ‘Olympic Fever’ campaign, this fun-loving model & yogi brought her laidback style & quick-wit to our Bondi shoot. A fan of the Aussie accent, our topless tanning laws & Sydney’s topnotch food presentation, here are her tips for staying fit (hint: it’s hard!) & her go-to workout outfit…

This is my hot yoga uniform. I try and do yoga as often as possible and when the rooms are over 106 degrees I like to wear as little clothing as possible. I like that these shorts cover your butt and cut off at the perfect part of your thigh so they’re flattering and not squeezing you or giving you the dreaded, but way too common muffin top.

This location is the perfect backdrop for a few quick yoga poses. I like the fact that we didn’t use a mat in this shot because I think it speaks to the fact that you can do yoga anytime and anywhere. And the fact that this was right next to a beautiful body of water didn’t hurt..!

I stay fit by working really hard. There aren’t any secrets, and it sucks! I’ve been learning to beat my brain, which constantly tells me to quit and lie in bed and eat French fries. It’s a constant mental battle but it feels good to know that you are stronger than your mind. I go to yoga, I go to barre, I eat healthy (as much as I can) and I try to remind myself that I’m always happier when I’m in shape. My body and mind feel best when I’m healthy. It may taste awesome in the moment but it’ll feel so much worse the next day. I’m still working on finding exercises I like but changing it up and finding good teachers makes it easier. I still haven’t found a form of cardio that I enjoy but that’s my next challenge! I don’t think it ever gets easier to stay in shape so there’s no advantage to waiting!

My go-to workout is hot yoga sculpt with weights and barre classes. I focus a lot on abs, butt, and arms, and I like exercises that you don’t need a lot of equipment for. I’m super awkward at the gym and never know what to do, so taking classes where someone is constantly motivating me helps me a lot. I’m trying to get into Pilates but I totally fell off a reformer in my last class, so that may have to wait until I regain my Pilates dignity.

For some reason after I work out I always crave healthy food. I love a good salad with grilled chicken, or a nice spicy soup if it’s cold. Sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash are also some of my secret weapons. I make spaghetti squash “lasagna” in the oven and it’s pretty awesome and super filling!

Anna wears Cotton On Body Activewear
Follow Anna here: @annaherrin

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