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Unwind With Yogi Nicole Tarro

July 3, 2017
Residing in Palm Springs, Nicole Tarro has a varied background as a yoga teacher, Pilates practitioner, and classically trained dancer. She took us through our paces with a set of relaxing moves to help you unwind…

This workout is a complete yoga sequence. Read below for Nicole’s descriptions on how to do each pose.

Pose 1 – Forward Fold
Stand with feet hip width apart, fold forward from the hips until you feel a good stretch in the back body. Breathe and with each exhale settle deeper into the stretch.
Pro tip: keep the majority of your weight forward in the feet and avoid locking in the knees.

Pose 2 – Flat-Footed Squat
Stand with external rotation in hips, knees and feet. Bend knees deeply but slowly until you have reached your range of motion. Allow the arms to help guide the thighs open to create more opening through the inner thighs.
Pro tip: keep heels on the ground, if that’s difficult, place a blanket or mat beneath them. Your knees will thank you!

Pose 3 – Squat With Twist
This is a variation from the previous posture and is a great way to welcome in rotation. Guide the top arms up and back until you feel a stretch across the chest and shoulders. Allow the lower arms to root down into the ground to better create opposition.
Pro tip: Be sure to keep the abdominals drawing in closely to the spine to support the pose.

Pose 4 – Pigeon
Guide one leg forward in external rotation placing the outer ankle, knee and possible the hip to the mat. The opposite leg will try and reach back in opposition, keeping the knee parallel with the mat. Fold forward from the spine to deepen the stretch.
Pro tip: place a pillow or blanket beneath the hip if it can’t rest on the ground fully.

Pose 5 – Reclined Twist
Rest on your back with head & shoulders rooted. Float the legs up into a 90 degree angle, maintaining alignment of the ankles, knees and hips. Slowly begin to rotate to a side from the pelvis and lower spine until the legs can rest on the ground comfortably.
Pro tip: place a blanket underneath your shoulder if it has difficulty staying grounded.

Pose 6 – Butterfly
Rest on your back with your knees bent. Allow the thighs to slowly drift apart until you can connect the bottoms of your feet together. Place one hand to your heart and another to your belly. Breathe.
Pro tip: place blankets beneath your thighs to support the joints.

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