September 30, 2016
Fashion blogger Rozalia Russian is Mum to three-year-old Willow, with a second baby on the way. The ever-so-stylish super Mum starred in our maternity shoot, and we talked all things style, motherhood and pregnancy. Read on for her secret for stylishly dressing her bump…

How would you describe yourself?
I have a very dry sense of humour, sarcastic, Shy but tough.

Congratulations on your second pregnancy. How are you feeling?
Thank you, I have been feeling pretty well so no real complaints at this stage. It’s my second pregnancy and I don’t have an opportunity to sit back and relax as I have three year old to chase after.

I am pretty lucky with my pregnancies, even when I had Willow I didn’t really get too sick, just tired and so far this pregnancy has been the same. Once I get past the 7 month mark, that’s when I think all the aches and pains will be coming back and I will slow down a bit.

How is Willow? Is she excited about the new addition?
She is extremely excited! She tells everyone she is going to have a baby soon! Everyday she speaks to my tummy as well, and say things like ‘good morning baby, watch me baby I am having a bath etc.’ its so cute to see how is excited she is.

I didn’t love the whole newborn phase (I don’t think anyone enjoys the sleepless nights and vomit stained clothes) but I really want to give Willow a sibling, a buddy for the rest of her life. She has already promised me she is going to be the best big sister!

Do you have any quirky habits that no one knows about?
A lot of people find this odd, but I always do my hair and make up before I get in the shower! I know it seems strange but once I get out of the shower I feel like I just want to get dressed and be ready! I can’t be bother then standing there and doing my hair and make up as I feel it has taken forever!

I know it doesn’t make sense but I will make a cup of tea and do my hair and make up first so it doesn’t feel like I am getting ready. Weird, I know.

What is your mantra when it comes to a healthy lifestyle?
It is all about balance! You have to enjoy yourself and enjoy life. I feel like if you restrict yourself too much you are more likely to binge.
I often think people take diets and this healthy life too far with all the kale, and the vitamin wheat grass shots and other crazy health drinks.
It seems like every single month there is a new super food.

It’s simple, eat fresh healthy unprocessed food, keep treats to a minimum and sweat it out! Burn more calories then you put in and you will always be in shape.

Has your style changed during pregnancy?
I have said goodbye to my denim shorts and tight skirts as I cant zip them up! I definitely wear a lot more dresses when I am pregnant as they are so easy to throw on and you don’t have to try and find jeans that do up, and jumpers that are long enough to hide your un buttoned pants! I will throw on a dress, a cute jacket and I am ready to go.

What’s your secret for stylishly dressing your bump?
It is all about embracing your bump, I think if you try and hide it and wear loose clothing I know it makes me look frumpy and even shorter. You are growing a human, which is pretty amazing so why not show it off!

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