May 16, 2017

Nadia Bartel & Michelle Coppolino are sisters who share clothes & a love for fashion. The duo launched The Con-Nection two years ago; it’s an online shopping platform with a curated selection of must-have pieces for every season. We speak to the stylish sisters on business, their biggest fashion mistakes & tips for trans-seasonal dressing…

Were there signs of your entrepreneurial spirit during your childhood?
NB- Mum and Dad told me that I always wanted to take control of the situation from an early age and I liked to organise people. There were lots of signs for Mich as she had a pretty good business from a young age selling clothes on eBay, creating prints and artwork (as she is a bit of a creative whiz) that she would then sell.
MC- We have both grew up surrounded by family run businesses – Nadia and I have always wanted to work for ourselves in creating something special. 

What’s it like working with your sister?
NB– You would think we would fight all the time because we are sisters surprisingly we don’t. I think that’s because we are both very open and honest with each other and if we aren’t happy with something we talk about it straight away. We can read each other so well, so we know if something is wrong. It means decisions can be made much quicker that other organisations because we know each other so well.
MC- The best! We are so in tune with each other and we both know the direction we want to take TCN. I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with, she is my best friend.

What fashion mistakes did you both make as children or teens?
NB- Pedal pushers has to be one of my biggest fashion fails along with tensile jeans and cropped knitted tops in fluoro colours.
MC- Oh there are so many. White ¾ jeans, plastic chokers and way too many butterfly clips. Got to love the 90s.

What’s your go-to trans-seasonal look when the weather starts to cool?
NB– The long trench coat is going to be a must have this winter. I love the look with frayed denim hems, slides and layered over my favourite half tucked silk shirt. Statement sleeves will also be a winner and looks great paired with oversized accessories and some leather.
MC- Leather and ankle boots are always on the top of my list. I love anything that can be layered and you can easily peel off throughout the day blazers, lightweight knits and faux fur.


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