September 23, 2017
Hailing from New Zealand, Imogen Watt is an adventurer who is passionate about the environment. She started working for Greenpeace at 15 years old & credits her Mum for giving her a passion for protecting the environment. We ask this self-confessed pixie about her work with Greenpeace, who she admires and how she lives sustainably.

“I started working for Greenpeace when I was 15 – it was my first ‘real’ job. I worked on local campaigns in New Zealand to stop deep sea oil drilling, to protect our native Maui dolphins, ban shark finning – which is still legal in New Zealand even though it has been banned in Australia, the US and the EU, and internationally worked on the Save the Arctic campaign to stop oil drilling in the Arctic, anti-deforestation campaigns and campaigned for international waters to have more protection from overfishing and to stop deep sea trawling. Although I do not agree with every single one of Greenpeace’s campaigns, I do credit them for so much of the environmental awareness that developed since the 70’s.”

“I admire my mother, who is the Head of the Fashion Department at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. She has won the Prime Minister’s Scholarship two years running for her work developing sustainable relations between Asia and New Zealand. She is designing a Sustainability Masters for her Fashion Department and has given a huge focus to sustainable and ethical fashion within the degree. This also flows on into her own life and she is the most environmentally conscious person I know. She brought me up to be passionate about protecting the environment, engaged in current events and nourished my childhood curiosity into a love of learning, strong work ethic and developed my critical thinking ability.”

“I try to live as sustainably as I can. I am vegetarian for environmental reasons (though this is a personal choice), I try to support local produce and ethical businesses and only buy from ethical clothing brands or buy second hand clothes.”

“This year I have tried to cut down my waste as much as I can, exchanging my plastic bottles of shampoo for shampoo bars, using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, buying bread sold in paper not plastic bags, never ever, EVER, taking a plastic bag.”

“In my spare time I read, embroider, garden and cook.”

Imogen wears Cotton On Body Activewear.

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