April 3, 2017
At Body, we’re proud of the life changing work we’re doing on the ground in Uganda, in partnership with the Cotton On Foundation. We were recently lucky enough to receive a visit from our Chief Operating Officer, Grace. She’s passionate about making a positive difference & believes strongly in empowering girls and providing them with every opportunity to succeed. We spoke to her about our #NutritionMission & what importance it plays in the lives of women & children in Uganda.

What’s the idea behind Nutrition Mission?
The idea is to provide nutrition training and support so that the children are all nourished. So that families have sufficient food and it’s of adequate variety and they prepare and eat it in the most nutritional way.

How is success measured?
What we measure is that children under 5 years old are all nourished, they are not underweight or under height. But also, the members of the family are having adequate sufficient food throughout the year, which is a challenge.

Is the goal that the knowledge we teach the women will be passed onto their children?
We expect the first change to take place in the family. The nutrition program includes a food pyramid poster, the goal is that the trained participants will have the food pyramid in their home and will keep talking about it & will arrange their meals according to that.

What’s the food availability like in Southern Uganda?
The food availability in that part of the country is affected by the seasons. So when it’s a dry season or dry spell that lasts for a month, they only rely on what they have. Usually, that’s the challenge. So the idea of Nutrition Mission is to emphasize what we call ‘backyard gardening.’ You can have the correct soil behind your house and water them and have green vegetables growing, even during the dry season. It’s about what alternatives you can have when food is scarce.

What kind of food grows well in Southern Uganda?
Pumpkins grow very well in that part of the country. You can grow a pumpkin and utilize the pumpkins seeds, leaves and the pumpkin itself. People would normally not know that all those parts of the pumpkin are valuable. So knowledge helps them maximize their nutrition. It’s a very powerful intervention that helps the development of children and helps children to study.

What importance does Nutrition Mission have on a child’s education?
It’s the first stage of developing a child, if they’re not healthy and nourished, they can get stunted and their weight and cognitive brain doesn’t develop. Nutrition enhances the cognitive development of a child so if all of that is affected then even if the child goes to school, they’re not going to learn or maximize the benefit of education. Even when we go to Namabaale and put in a school and pay the teachers, they’re teaching a child who is not thinking and who is not developed. Nutrition is so essential and is a huge part of that education service.

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