April 5, 2017
Gail Platt is one of our dedicated Merchandise Planners at Body HQ. She also has one of the biggest hearts in the building. Through the Cotton On Foundation, many team members sponsor one child in Southern Uganda, but Gail sponsors six children! The Cotton On Foundation Ambassador was recently taken on a trip to Uganda to meet her sponsor children & see the important work Body x Cotton On Foundation are doing on the ground. Hear what that moment was like…

What was the moment like when you met your sponsor children?
It was so good. Meeting the first two of my sponsor children was quite a different experience than I imagined. One was 12 and quite shy, the other one was only 5 years old so didn’t speak much English. However, the two children in Mannya were quite confident and spoke quite good English. Chris is 17 years old and Florence was 10 years old. We chatted for a long time about their families, my family and what they were up to at school. It was quite incredible. When you sponsor a child in any organization you never expect to meet them.

You mentioned you were especially touched when meeting your 10-year-old sponsor child Florence? What was special about that?
Florence and I had a connection from the minute that we met. She is such a beautiful person. She is mature beyond her years, so caring and thoughtful. Florence knew every single thing I had ever written on my sponsor card and all the photos that I had sent. She did tell me that I need to send her a photo of me so she has one. I always send photos of my animals or my children.

One special moment was when we were planting a tree in the school grounds Florence said: “I can come to this tree and I can think of you.” Such a beautiful little soul.

For someone who doesn’t have a sponsor child yet, what message would you have for them?
Sponsoring a child is not for everyone but if you can spare a few dollars it makes such a massive difference to a child with nothing. It gives them hope and a chance at life.



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100% of proceeds will go towards our mission.

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