August 11, 2017
Residing in Palm Springs, Nicole Tarro has a varied background as a yoga teacher, Pilates practitioner, and classically trained dancer. Create some fire in your body with her energising yoga workout…

This workout is a complete yoga sequence. Read below for Nicole’s descriptions on how to do each pose.

Pose 1 – Releves

Stand tall with feet hip width apart, belly in and shoulders away from ears.  Slowly lift and lower your heels ten times and maintain balance.

Pose 2 – Warrior 1

Stand at the front of your mat and reach one leg far back in opposition.  the front knee is bent with the toes pointing forward.  the back leg is straight, externally rotated and the foot is rooting down.  Focus forward to the front of the mat keeping the abdominals supporting the spine.  Sweep the arms up to the sky but glide the shoulder blades down your back.  Breath 5 breath

Pose 3 – Low Lunge

Begin from a warrior one and pivot the back leg inward until all ten-toes point to the front of your mat.  slowly bend your back knee to highly touch the ground and press is to a straight leg 5 times repeating.

Pose 4 – Vinyasa Flow with 3 Legged Dog

Vinyasa is a sequence of movements that are linked together.  Start in a plank position, keeping arms and legs straight, abdominals in and spine long.  Bend the elbows to lower half way down.  Pull the chest forward and up while slowly straightening the arms for upward facing dog.  Press the hips back and up for downward facing dog.  The 3 legged downward dog is a variation where one leg is reaching up to the sky in opposition from the grounding leg.  Each pose is linked with an exhale breath.

Pose 5 – Warrior 3

Keeping the foot closest to the front of the mat grounding begin to float the back leg up into the air.  keep the head, hips and floating leg aligned with each other.  The face, chest and pelvis are all parallel with the mat.  Hold for 5 breaths.

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