October 18, 2017
This October we’re celebration 10 years of empowering women across the globe through quality education. We’re proud to celebrate some impressive achievements that wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support of our customers.

Your one simple action of purchasing a Cotton On Foundation product has meant that Cotton On Body has been able to have an impact globally.

Check out this beautiful video on the journey of the Cotton On Foundation.

Together we have raised:

• $5 million in support of women & communities in Southern Uganda

• Over R33,000, and run Nutrition Mission workshops for 1,200 women in South African communities, providing education to prevent malnutrition

• Funds to launch our Nutrition Mission Project in Thailand

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Cotton On Foundation products go towards supporting global development projects.

B the difference, make your mark with one simple action and help Cotton On Foundation reach their goal of establishing 20,000 educational places by 2020.

• 1 x Bottle of Water can buy 1 bunch of bananas for a young girl
• 3 x Water Bottles can buy writing books and pencils for a young girl
• 1 x Packet of Cleansing Wipes can buy up to 20 bricks that can go towards building new schools for young girls
• 1 x Bag of Coffee Scrub can provide a mosquito net for a young girl
• 3 x Tote Bags can buy 3kg of beans to help feed a young girl and her family
• 10 x Tote Bags can help provide a school uniform for a young girl

Shop Cotton On Foundation.

In partnership with the Cotton On Foundation, we have provided
Education | Health Care | Sustainability | Infrastructure

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