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Combi’s Peanut Butter Acai Bowl

February 23, 2017
Combi is a raw, organic café that started in Elwood, Melbourne in 2008. Its menu is full of colourful concoctions bright enough to impress any foodie. They recently opened doors in Byron Bay where their smoothie bowls are proving extremely popular. You’ll love this Peanut Butter Acai Bowl…

Combi only uses premium, organic ingredients.

2 x Large Frozen Bananas
1x Cup of Blueberries
1 Tablespoon of Crunchy Peanut Butter
1 x Acai Frozen Pouch from Amazonia
1 x Teaspoon of Mac, Lucuma, Mesquite
300 Ml of Coconut Water

1. Put all ingredients in a food processor until it breaks down into a fudge-like sorbet texture, add more coconut water if needed.
2. In a bowl, place coconut chips and a crunchy granola, or buckinis, then scoop 6 to 7 tablespoons of acai mixture on top.
3. Top with fresh strawberries, banana, mango, coconut, a drizzle of honey, coconut chips, chocolate buckinis, and a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter.

Website: wearecombi.com.au
Instagram: @wearecombi

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