December 21, 2017
This probiotic drink will leave you feeling good from the inside out. Light, fizzy & packed with living electrolytes.

This recipe is an extract from Probiotic Drinks at Home (Murdoch Books) by Felicity Evans who is the founder of Imbibe Living Water Kefir.

How to make coconut water kefir
Coconut water is the perfect drink to have coming into Summer. It’s light, fizzy, packed with probiotics and living electrolytes and tastes like sunshine in a Bottle.

If you’re new to fermentation, don’t worry – its super easy to make and is pretty hard to mess it up.

Here’s how to make your own for a few cents a glass!

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Fermentation time: 1–5 days
Difficulty: Medium
Shelf life: Refrigerate for up to 4 months
Makes: About 1 litre (35 fl oz/4 cups)

3 tablespoons raw sugar
3 tablespoons hot water
1 litre (35 fl oz/4 cups) coconut water
Pinch of sea salt
1 dried fig
3 tablespoons water kefir grains

Primary fermentation:
1. Put the sugar in a 1.5 litre (52 fl oz/6 cup) wide-mouth glass jar. Add the hot water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Add the coconut water, sea salt and dried fig and stir well to combine.
2. Add the water kefir grains to the jar. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin (cheesecloth) and secure with an elastic band.
3. Place the jar out of direct sunlight at room temperature and leave the liquid to ferment for 12–48 hours, depending on the temperature.

1. Scoop out and discard the dried fig from the liquid.
2. Put a funnel in the opening of a 1 litre (35 fl oz/4 cup) glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid and put a strainer on top
of the funnel.
3. Pour the coconut water kefir liquid into the bottle through the strainer. Set aside the water kefir grains
in the strainer to re-use or rest.

Secondary fermentation:
1. Tightly seal the bottle lid and leave the bottle in a warm place to build carbonation. This could take anywhere
from 12–72 hours, depending on the temperature. ‘Burp’ the coconut water kefir daily to release some pressure by opening the lid slightly and then tightening it again.

Drink up:
When the coconut water kefir is as fizzy and tart as you like (this could range from a small spritz to a ferocious fizz), store it in the fridge to slow the fermentation process, and enjoy cold.

Get your water kefir grains to make your own here.

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