October 23, 2017
We chose to shoot our summer campaign at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef to showcase its beauty & to raise awareness on how we can help save it for future generations. While on location in Port Douglas, we spoke with a representative from Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a new social movement aimed to engage global citizens to take real action to protect the Reef.

After experiencing devastating coral bleaching* over the last two years, The Great Barrier Reef is under major stress. While its future is under threat, it is not dead yet. Grab a snorkel or dive beneath the ocean surface and its beauty will still take your breath away!


Photo Courtesy of Mark Fitz Photography

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef is an environmental movement with a difference. It’s a digitally-focused organisation with the aim to create a collaborative global movement driven by technology.


They aim to engage mainstream society on a mass scale and to mobilise a global network of Citizens committed to taking real action for the Reef. They want to start conversations, to connect local and global issues, and to provide people, innovators, businesses and communities from around the world with a lifeline back to the Reef.

The organisation is spearheaded by Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley. No stranger to building successful global movements, Andy grew Earth Hour from an idea on the back of a beer mat in Sydney to the world’s biggest environmental action. In his new role as CEO of Citizens he has turned his focus to a new challenge – engaging the world in the future of the Reef and the planet.

“The actions of people across the planet will define the future of the Great Barrier Reef.” – Andy Ridley

Become One of The First Citizens

By becoming a Citizen, you will commit to joining global actions which have positive outcomes for the Reef and the planet. You can recruit your friends, join or initiate projects, and track your personal contribution through your unique impact score. By measuring the impact of each action, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef will demonstrate the cumulative effect of seemingly small, individual choices.

Citizens is currently gearing up for their global launch in November, when they’ll take their message to the world (to coincide with the annual coral spawning event). They’re aiming to recruit 5000 Citizens in time for the official launch.

Sign Up Today

Become one of the first 5000 Citizens by joining today at citizensgbr.org

*Increased ocean temperatures caused by climate change is the leading cause of coral bleaching

Photo Courtesy of Mark Fitz Photography

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