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Anna Styles Our Lace Bralette

July 27, 2016

SoCal local Anna Herrin is the ultimate cool girl. As face of our ‘Olympic Fever’ campaign, this fun-loving model & yogi brought her laidback style & quick-wit to our Bondi shoot. A fan of the Aussie accent, our topless tanning laws & Sydney’s topnotch food presentation, here’s are her hotel room workout cheats & why she loves wearing matching underwear…

I spend 95% of my time when I’m not working chilling at my house, and I think this look is an upgraded version of what I normally throw on (a ripped tee with granny panties..!). I love matching underwear because I never dress too fancy, so I think when things coordinate you at least look like you tried a little bit! I don’t like to wear pants at home so a cute set with a white tee is the perfect lounge option when you don’t want to look like you LITERALLY just rolled out of bed. In my dream world I would wear matching sets everyday, even under my clothes, but unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to coordinate my laundry that well.

This look was shot in a beautifully lit bedroom. I very rarely notice the lighting but this was special because it was created by the sun reflecting off the water and shining through the window. The bedroom looked over the Sydney harbour and had breezy white curtains. It reminded me of the room from No Doubts “Underneath It All” music video. I’ve wanted that bedroom since that song came out, so this was pretty special location for me!

I travel a lot for work, so as much as I would like to find one there’s not really a good excuse to not work out in my hotel room. I always try and do a few crunches and butt leg lifts on the floor. I don’t ever really work out with equipment so in theory I can do all my workouts anywhere. I sometimes make a rule with myself where I can watch TV in bed but during every commercial break I have to do something active. Mountain climbers, tricep dips, etc. I also don’t let myself touch the mini bar! Just because there’s chocolate and chips in my room doesn’t mean I have to eat them! (Still working on that one!)

People always ask me what’s next on my career ‘hit list’ but I don’t really have any “model goals”. I love getting to work with nice, creative, fun people so as long as I have that I’m happy! I’m definitely a sucker for location jobs that aren’t already in my passport! So Bali, India, Brazil, and South Africa to name a few… I love to ski, scuba dive, and do yoga so whenever I’m able to merge those activities with work I’m a happy girl! I really just love getting to go to beautiful places and make beautiful pictures. I majored in psychology and religion so I always assumed I’d have a really boring office job… The fact that I’m not doing that is just so cool to me! I never take for granted that this is what I get to do for work.

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Photography by Sam Grant
Follow Sam here: samgrantmedia.com

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