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Aisha Baker’s Lounge Look

August 31, 2016
Baked The Blog is the brainchild of fashion enthusiast and online influencer Aisha Baker. Delving into her innate style, love for fashion and life in Cape Town, South Africa, BTB is a destination for inspiration & expressive lifestyle content. For our ‘Olympic Fever’ campaign we collaborated with Aisha to share some Rio-inspired style. Here’s her lounge look.

I am obsessed with the tie at the back of this Cotton On Body top. It’s really versatile so it can be styled to the back or on the side, depending on the look I’m going for. And the mesh detail on these tights are an awesome styling element. Keeping me stylish while chilling out with my laptop. I often work on my couch while watching TV so this was really comfy and easy to wear. I love wearing activewear while working.

Women who are at the top of their game, globally, inspire me! I love reading success stories of various influential women of all ages and industries. I inherited my name, my love for fashion and beautiful aesthetics from my grandmother, a bespoke tailor and seamstress. As a little girl I witnessed the power my grandmother’s beautiful garments had in bringing joy to people’s lives – this sparked an everlasting love for fashion. I still dreams of a career in design.

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