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Lucette Styles Our Lace

September 14, 2016
Lucette Romy describes herself as an Artist and Earth Lover. For the past four years, the creative has skipped Australian winter in exchange for balmy Bali. If she’s not pool or beachside in bikinis, you’ll find her lounging in lace… She shows why bralettes are this season’s lust-haves.

Your style is?
I’m not sure really how to define my style, some days I feel like I dress completely bohemian and beachy and other days you will see me with Nikes on, vintage levis and a harley tee.. I guess I just like to wear whatever I am comfortable in that day!

Morning routine?
Wake up and oil pull first thing every morning for 20 minutes! It is seriously amazing, it’s my way to meditate, then brush my teeth and drink a litre of warm water with either lemon or apple cider vinegar. I clean my face just by using a thermal spring water spray and bamboo cloth doing light circles on my face to remove any excess oils and then follow with a natural moisturiser.

Current obsession?
I admittedly have been eating a reaallllll lot of granola and coconut yoghurt with passionfruit for breakfast.. I’m not sure this counts, but it is so delicious it’s become my snack of choice and I even have it before dinner sometimes haha.

Can’t live without?
Coconut oil! Straight up it is one of the best things on this planet.. and also my Goodmix Bircher.

Dream job?
I’m living it right now, maybe not in the big ways that I dream but it’s there. Working freelance and travelling the world. Meeting incredible creatives and humans along the way, not feeling restricted to a 9-5 and being free and healthy along the way. When I was younger though I desperately wanted to be a marine biologist and I am still so fascinated by our oceans… marine conservation and more charity work is definitely something I would love to add to my day to day.

Fantasy dinner guests?
David Attenborough, Angelina Jolie, Jane Goodall and Frida Kahlo.

“I love the long line underneath the cups and the beautiful lace detailing.”



“Navy is the perfect colour to wear under whites or blacks if you are looking to add a little bit of colour without going too bright.”

Are you a night owl or morning person?
Definitely a morning person, I find myself so much more productive when I am up early in the morning. All of a sudden it’s 9am and I have already gone for a walk, had breakfast done some work and I still have a whole day ahead of me. I love rising with the sun and starting the day off early!

If you had 10 seconds to change the world what would you do?
I would change everyone to eat completely plant based. It would solve so many issues, world hunger, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions would fall by more than half, many health issues that we as humans suffer such as cancer and heart disease. The benefits and changes we would see regarding health, the economy and the environment would be incredible. This may not be enough to stabilise the greenhouse gas emissions of the planet but it would be enough to lower them considerably and end world hunger in the meantime. Caring for our world and ALL of its inhabitants.

Tell us about a woman that inspires you?
I am definitely inspired by my mum. She raised my two brothers and I as a single parent and gave us and still gives us everything above herself. She has such a beautiful big heart and her strength is truly inspiring.

Best thing about B-ing you?
I love that the nature of what I do allows me to have freedom to travel and meet new people. I’m proud to have been eating plant based ‘vegan’ for the last three years and helping to spread a positive message for the planet and animals. I am comfortable in my own skin and sharing my experiences with others of health and skin struggles as well as how I live my life. I’m not shy to be honest!


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